[OS X TeX] LatexIt 1.15.0 and MacTex errors

Franck Pastor franck.pastor at skynet.be
Fri Jul 4 12:10:22 EDT 2008

Le 04-juil.-08 à 17:40, Jack Stalnaker a écrit :

> Hi,
> I joined this list because I saw that a reader in the past has had  
> the same problem I had. I was hoping it had been resolved, but I'm  
> having no luck.
> My problem lies with the new version of LatexIt and MacTex. The  
> LatexIt version is 1.15.0. All previous versions of LatexIt have  
> functioned with no problem whatsoever. However, the new version  
> fails with a cryptic error message:
> "unexpected error, please see "Latex->Display last log"
> Now I'm fairly TeX/LaTeX savvy. I've written a few classes and  
> styles, but this message is beyond me. The log seems fine. Running  
> the generated .tex file through pdflatex in the Terminal or in  
> TexShop works fine. The paths are set correctly in LatexIt (in fact  
> I can copy and past the script in the log to the command line and  
> it works perfectly). It's almost as though LatexIt is seeing  
> something as an error that is in fact not an error.
> The log ends with the line:
> --------------- error while processing pdflatex ---------------
> I downloaded an older version of LatexIt, and with the same  
> preferences, it works fine. I've deleted the plist, etc. Nothing  
> seems to work.


What are these preferences, for pdfLaTeX?


> For reference, here is the "old" discussion in this list:
> http://email.esm.psu.edu/pipermail/macosx-tex/2008-June/035510.html
> Also, this same error occurs on two of my macs, a Macbook Pro and a  
> Mac Pro. Both have 10.5.4 installed, and the latest version of  
> MacTex. I am sorry to post this here on the OS X Tex group, but  
> 1.15.0 of LatexIt is in MacTex-Extras.dmg (though an older version  
> is in the MacTex.dmg), and I can't seem to find any support links  
> on the LatexIt page.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jack

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