[OS X TeX] LatexIt 1.15.0 and MacTex errors

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Jul 4 17:19:17 EDT 2008

Am 04.07.2008 um 21:23 schrieb Jack Stalnaker:

> Any exported function is going to much this up, and any of us who  
> came to Mac OS X from Linux or UNIX are probably going to have  
> functions defined.


In the LaTeX menu you have an item to see the log, with all  
environment interaction. You could share it with us, you could also  
check yourself which bash RC files are used (insert an 'echo "Hi, I'm  
<whatever file>"') and then modify the used files to not introduce  
errors. For example, functions and aliases have no right to exist in  
a process environment that is intended for non-interactive use. And  
it's all pretty well documented for bash.



There's something the technicians need to learn from the artists. If  
it isn't aesthetically pleasing, it's probably wrong.

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