[OS X TeX] mpm [OT?]

Jasper Knockaert jknockaert at feweb.vu.nl
Sat Jun 21 15:24:49 EDT 2008


Frank STENGEL schreef op 21-06-2008 19:29:

> Has anyone been able to use mpm (part of the MikTeX tools) on a machine 
> running 10.5? I have downloaded and compiled the tools provided by 
> miktex 2.7.2960 and I systematically get either a bus error or a 
> segmentation fault...

Same here. MikTeX 2.5 gets compiled, but not a chance for 2.7.

That said, I've seen a myriad of bus errors and segmentation faults 
since I installed 10.5. Not sure what triggers them.


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