[OS X TeX] mpm [OT?]

Frank STENGEL fstengel at mac.com
Sun Jun 22 03:57:02 EDT 2008

Le 21 juin 08 à 21:03, Martin Costabel a écrit :

> Frank STENGEL wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Has anyone been able to use mpm (part of the MikTeX tools) on a  
>> machine running 10.5? I have downloaded and compiled the tools  
>> provided by miktex 2.7.2960 and I systematically get either a bus  
>> error or a segmentation fault...
> What does the crashlog say? I have an older version 2.5.2719-beta-15  
> installed (for which I am maintaining a Fink package), and this  
> seems to work correctly on 10.5.3.

2.5.2719-beta-15 compiles and runs normally. However, it seems some  
package cannot be installed by it.

The problems in 2.7.2960 are all happening at the same place, see the  
relevant place in the crash log:

Thread 0 Crashed:
0   ...X207-packagemanager.1.dylib	0x001f8349  
::D6AAD62216146D44B580E92711724B78::PackageInstallerImpl::Dispose() +  
105 (PackageInstaller.cpp:2941)
1   ...X207-packagemanager.1.dylib	0x0020229d  
::PackageInstallerImpl::~PackageInstallerImpl() + 61  

(...X207-packagemanager.1.dylib being libMikTeX207-packagemanager. 

Anyway, I  submitted a bug report (actually commented on one).

Frank STENGEL (fstengel<at>mac.com)

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