[OS X TeX] How Long...

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Sat Jun 21 20:25:37 EDT 2008

On Jun 21, 2008, at 7:11 PM, Ross Moore wrote:

> I don't think that is the best attitude to adopt.
> A later distribution may well have extra packages and
> software tools that *will* work under the older OS.
> A user may well think that the easiest way to get these
> is from the later MacTeX distribution.
> But if trying to install this way forces other changes that lead
> to a non-working system, with no easy way to reverse the unwanted
> changes, then there's a potential disaster lurking here.
> Devising installation procedures to avoid this trap could well be
> quite tricky. Simply demanding that *only* the later OS can be used
> is not an acceptable solution, IMO.


The software in the MacTeXtras part of the distribution consists of  
separate dmg or zip file for each application or other item. There is  
a pdf file that lists the OS versions that will work with as well as  
active links to the web sites for the software. E.g., the Aquamacs  
Emacs URL is given as <http://aquamacs.org/> and the latest version,  
to be supplied as part of the MacTeXtras will be 1.4 which only runs  
under Tiger and Leopard but you can still get version 1.3b via that  
web site.

Note: the TeX distribution itself, TeX Live 2008, will operate on  
Panther, Tiger and Leopard. What the future will bring I can't predict.

You're right that there should be a repository of the distributions so  
when Panther support ends one can still get the last version that  
supports that OS version. On the other hand, when you join TUG you get  
the TeX Live DVD and you need only save that.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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