[OS X TeX] macro: "insert references" accross multiple files, labels in toolbar-drop-down

Rolf Schmolling rolf.schmolling at alumni.TU-Berlin.de
Sun Jun 29 16:24:50 EDT 2008

Hi, Knowledgeable Ones,

I finally got around to properly divide my thesis into sub-files, each  
in its own folder, put together in a main-tex-file (master-document)  
via \include which resides in the root-folder of that arrangement.

Now I struggle with the many references.

The built-in macro "insert references" searches only currently open  
document and not across files. The drop-down-item in the document- 
toolbar again displays only those references/labels within  the same  

Is there a way to get all of them either in the macro and in the drop- 

All my tex-files are within one directory which has subdirectories  
with the individual chapters/parts in it.

Thanks a lot,


Rolf Schmolling M.A. Historian, Rolf.Schmolling at Alumni.TU-Berlin.DE

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