[OS X TeX] how to crop a pdf graphic file

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Mon Jun 30 17:54:30 EDT 2008

Hi Denis,

On 01/07/2008, at 4:28 AM, Denis Chabot wrote:
> Hi,
> I thought in the past I had succeeded in doing the equivalent of  
> hiding a variable proportion of each edge of a figure by using the  
> option [trim= l b r t] in the \includegraphics command.

I've always used options  [viewport= l b r t, clip]  for this
-- assuming that I've understood correctly what you want to do.

> Is there a way to "crop" the figure instead? Say a figure that  
> would be 10 cm wide by 10 cm high, but I want to see only the top 5  
> cm (10 x 5)?

I've used  l b r t  as numbers of points;
(Check docs or test to see whether other units work too.)

> Thanks in advance,
> Denis

Hope this helps,


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