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Sun Mar 2 23:10:50 EST 2008

On Mar 2, 2008, at 9:30 PM, Louis Talman wrote:
> On Mar 2, 2008, at 6:24 PM, ludwik kowalski wrote:
>> On Mar 2, 2008, at 4:23 PM, ludwik kowalski wrote:
>>> . . . Below is my corrected file. Then I describe what happened.
> Your source file works fine on my machine, except that the indexed  
> terms, as expected, do not appear in the typeset paragraph.  This  
> latter is because the "\index{Russia}" code produces *only* an index  
> entry for the word "Russia".  It doesn't cause anything to appear in  
> the original typeset text.  If you want the word "Russia"
> to appear in the paragraph, you have to type "Russia\index{Russia}"  
> where only "\index{Russia}" appeared
> in your source document.  This allows you, for example, to index an  
> appearance of "Soviet Union" under
> the entry "Russia" by putting "Soviet Union\index{Russia}" in your  
> source file.
> Using TeXShop, set the system to run LaTeX, and typeset twice.  Then  
> reset it to MakeIndex and typset again.
> Reset it again to TeXShop and typeset two more times.  (The double- 
> typesetting before and after may be over-kill, but it worked for me.)
> When the final PDF appears in the viewer, it should have two pages.   
> The second page is the index.

Thanks for responding.

1) Below is my source file, modified as you suggested. The inserted   
"one"  "two"  and  "three"  were added to my output file. But the  
index file was not added at the end of my output file. In other words,  
my problem was not solved.

2) You wrote: --> If you want the word "Russia" to appear in the  
paragraph, you have to type "Russia\index{Russia}" where only  
"\index{Russia}" appeared in your source document.

3) I already created a 160 pages "book" in the pdf format and it looks  
fine. Most of this was done by pasting from a MSWord document. I was  
able to do this quickly because the book has no mathematical  
formulas.  I do not want anything additional (like one two and three)   
to appear in the existing chapters . My understanding (based on  
readings) is as follows. Please correct me if I am wrong.

a) Suppose I type \index{Russia} somewhere on pages 7, 17, and 125.
b) It means that my alphabetically-sorted list, to be automatically  
added to my book (by the \printindex command) should contain an entry  
"Russia 7,17,125"
c) That is all I want.

4) How should my code be modified to accomplish what I want? Or what  
else should I do beside compiling the input file (twice), executing  
the CMND/SHIFT/L and compiling for the the third time? The first thing  
I will do will be to remove what was added outside of each   
\index{....} command.



Most Americans know that "one\index{Alaska}" was purchased from "two 
\index{Russia}" in 1867 before the discovery of its rich gold  
deposits. While the Russian Church had a generally positive influence  
on Native Alaskans, the beginning of the Russian period was marked by  
the frequent enslavement of the local population by adventurous fur  
traders.''  Male Eskimos (Aleuts), for example, were taken from their  
families and deported to the "three\index{Pribilof Islands}"; they  
were forced to hunt sea otters and seals for their kidnappers. Most of  
them never returned to their starving wives and children. The  
population of Aleuts was halved between the middle and the end of the  
eighteenth century.


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