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ludwik kowalski kowalskil at mail.montclair.edu
Sun Mar 2 23:47:20 EST 2008

1) I am happy to inform the list that my problem was finally solved. I  
followed the method described to me in a private message (see below) .  
But first let me show you my input file again:




Most Americans know that \index{Alaska} was purchased from  
\index{Russia} in 1867 before the discovery of its rich gold deposits.  
While the Russian Church had a generally positive influence on Native  
Alaskans, the beginning of the Russian period was marked by the  
frequent enslavement of the local population by adventurous fur  
traders.  Male Eskimos (Aleuts), for example, were taken from their  
families and deported to the \index{Pribilof Islands}; they were  
forced to hunt sea otters and seals for their kidnappers. Most of them  
never returned to their starving wives and children. The population of  
Aleuts was halved between the middle and the end of the eighteenth  

2) And here is the instruction I followed:

Let me explain very carefully what I did. First I typeset this code  
(using pdflatex) with TeXShop. Then I looked at the pulldown menu item  
at the top of the source window right next to the typeset button (this  
is NOT the item in the menu bar). I selected MakeIndex in this  
pulldown menu. Then I pushed the Typeset button.
Finally, I selected Latex in the pulldown menu and typeset two more  

3) Notice that the index is in a separate page, not at the bottom of  
the first page.

3) There is more than one way to skin a cat.

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