[OS X TeX] Setting Keyboard Shortcuts in TeXShop

Anthony Morton amorton at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 24 19:10:39 EDT 2008

> (1) Open the Macro editor in TeXShop and change the name of the  
> "Bold" macro to "bold".
> (2) Open System Preferences and assign cmd-shift-b to "Bold" and cmd- 
> b to "bold".
> (3) There is no step (3).

Great!  I didn't know this was actually possible.  I had been fuming  
ever since installing Leopard that I could no longer use CalcService  
with its convenient Cmd-= shortcut to perform calculations in a  
document, because Leopard has bound Cmd-= tightly to the 'Font ->  
Bigger' command which I hardly ever use, especially not in TeXShop.

Redefining this in KeyEquivalents.plist has failed to work: I can  
redefine 'Smaller' but not 'Bigger' for some reason.  (And you do have  
to delete the example with its nested comments to get this file  
working at all.)

But now I see I can redefine 'Bigger' as Cmd-Shift-= (and 'Smaller' as  
Cmd-Shift-- for consistency) in System Preferences and made this stick  
in 'All Applications'.  My CalcService shortcut is restored!

(Of course the instant calculation feature in Spotlight has also been  
a godsend, but sometimes I want the results of several calculations  
visible at once, or want to insert them directly into a document.)

Tony M.

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