[OS X TeX] Re: wishing for an "outlining" mode for TeXShop

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 05:00:16 EDT 2008

> Now that I move more and more of my writing to LaTeX, I'm left
> without an outlining mode. I've read a while back that Omni's
> outliner could export to LaTeX, but this brings me back to Acta: an
> outline that won't evolve with my document.
> I do not require a very complex outliner. For instance, if TeXShop
> had a switch that made everything but the items that show under the
> "Labels" button disappear, I could function. I believe this would
> leave the lines defined as chapters, sections, subsections, etc.
> visible. No need (well, I would not turn it down if it was offered)
> to see the first line of regular text paragraphs, like full-fledged
> outliners do. But if one moves one of these labeled lines around,
> all the text belonging to that chunk would follow it. If the label
> (say a subsection) was moved to a different location, the text
> would move. I supposed that if a chunk was deleted, its text should
> go too, the user would bear the blame if he/she regretted it later.
> Would this be difficult to add to TeXShop? If so can it be added to
> the wish list?

I would love to have this feature available in TeXShop, but if you  
find it an essential feature, perhaps you should have a look at  
TextMate, which has this and many other possibilities.
It is shareware, and as such, you can try before you buy.

Luis Sequeira

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