[OS X TeX] Completely uninstalling i-Installer packages: list of man pages?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue May 13 05:29:21 EDT 2008

Le 13 mai 08 à 10:44, Christian Bogen a écrit :

> When I got a new MacBook about a month ago I did a fresh install of  
> MacTeX including i-Installer and the packages that are (still)  
> intended to be maintained by it (ie. Ghostscript, ImageMagick and  
> Font Utilities). But I've got the MacPorts up and running on the  
> machine and later decided I'd rather use the MacPorts versions of  
> these tools.
> I uninstalled the "MacTeX" packages using i-Installer and in the end  
> got rid of i-Installer itself. But yesterday I discovered that the i- 
> Installer didn't do a very good job—it seems it left at least a  
> couple of man pages scattered in /usr/local/share/man/. I'd like to  
> get rid of these but I'm not completely sure which are the ones  
> installed by the i-Installer packages (which come as kind of default  
> with MacTeX).
> Is this already documented somewhere? Can anybody help me out with a  
> complete list?

Yes, there seems to be something broken here.

Take for example the ImageMagick i-Package: inside ImageMagick.ii2  
(for which the default location is I believe ~/Documents/i-Packages/),  
the script ImageMagick.remove considers man files are inside /usr/ 
local/man, while these files are actually inside /usr/local/share/man.

This is both good news and bad news:

- Good news because OS X looks for man pages inside /usr/local/share/ 
man, not /usr/local/man.

- Bad news because i-Installer won't remove these files properly.

A tentative interpretation: this might happen only for the i-Packages  
rebuilt (by Dick Koch I believe) for and installed by MacTeX. If you  
look at /Library/i-Installer/Receipts, you'll find inside  

> 	<key>writtenby</key>
> 	<string>koch</string>
> 	<key>writtenfrom</key>
> 	<string>/Users/koch/Documents/i-Packages/ImageMagick.ii2</string>

That also seems consistent with Dick's recent pre-release of  
GhostScript 8.62, specifically with http://www.uoregon.edu/~koch/Ghostscript.pdf 
  which says

> Finally, ghostscript man pages are placed in /usr/local/share/man,  
> and I didn’t bother to retain the old versions of these pages

Don't know where to go from here, I must admit.

Bruno Voisin

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