[OS X TeX] Skim and the Apple Remote (slightly OT)

Ari Stern ari at caltech.edu
Thu May 15 17:14:52 EDT 2008

> Sorry if this is well known, but I just accidentally found this, so I am
> passing it on: Skim can make use of the Apple Remote *without additional
> software*.
> For those of us who us who make our own presentations in LaTeX, being able
> to use our very own Apple Remote is quite handy.

Another great piece of (free) software is PDFtoKeynote
(http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~oneill/freesoftware/pdftokeynote.html), which
converts a PDF into an Apple Keynote document.  This is the best of
both worlds for me: typeset in LaTeX, present in Keynote.

Aside from letting you use the remote, Keynote has a great interface
for presenters -- including displaying a separate "Presenter's View"
on your laptop screen that shows upcoming slides, slide notes, and a
clock/timer for pacing your talk -- that I personally can't do
without.  It's also good if you want to include multimedia,
builds/transitions, and other things that are a pain to do with
plain-vanilla PDFs.


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