[OS X TeX] amsmath +/- lingmacros

Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Sat May 17 18:06:14 EDT 2008

Hi again,

Please, accept my apologies for this another yet off-list topic question..

I have trouble using amsmath and lingmacros together because lingmacros 
sets its own counter for enumerated displays.

I am typesetting a paper, in which I have math formulas and examples of 
English sentences and need to have all them consecutively enumerated.

English sentences get nicely enumerated and left aligned, as is customary 
in linguistics, with lingmacros.sty. But lingmacros.sty uses a separate 
counter from that of amsmath.

I resorted to refrain from lingmacros.sty and use only amsmath and 
\begin{flalign} ... \end{flalign}, which gives rational output in simple 
cases. But besides that the use of "&" makes all rather clumsy in 
case of long \text{...}, I expect hassle in more complicate cases. (For 
ex., avm.sty matrices can not be used inside flalign environment.) What 
follows is a minimal example. I would appreciate some better suggestions.

%\usepackage{lingmacros} % needed for enumsentence


&\text{This is a sentence.} & % &...& flushes the sentence to the left

\text{This is a sentence.} \\ % no need of &
&&x - 5 + y &=7 \\
&&2 + x     &= 5

%\enumsentence{This is an example.}



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