[OS X TeX] Thanks! . . . And another (newbie?) question!

Randy Scott scott_randy at sccollege.edu
Tue May 27 13:08:35 EDT 2008

Thanks to all of you who responded to my questions in "2nd Round of Newbie
Questions." I was able to find the desired symbol (and its package) and use
it to good effect. My students really needed to squint awfully hard to see
the darn little arrowhead indicating orientation! One of the few benefits of
wearing trifocals!

I never did figure out how to suppress the page number on my document.

Thanks also to those who suggested various documentation. I've downloaded a
couple of things, and purchased "The LaTeX Companion" and "More Math into
LaTeX." My copy of TLC is already stained with blood, sweat, and tears!

This weekend, I locked myself in my home office and swore I wouldn't leave
until I completed a handout on surface integrals for my Calc III students.
Well . . . I almost completed it. I developed a nice picture using
Mathematica 6.0.2 and saved it in .eps format. When I tried to import it
into my document (using \usepackage{graphicx} and \includegraphics{ . . .
}), neither texmaker nor TeXShop dislay the graphic (using Adobe Reader) in
the pdf they generate, though both leave an empty space equivalent in size
to the graphic. The image does print from Mathematica, it does open, convert
to pdf, and then display and print in Preview, it does open, display and
print in Adobe Illustrator (I've also tried opening the graphic in AI,
saving it as .eps from AI, to no avail), but it DOES NOT open in Adobe
Reader. When I try to open the generated pdf in Preview, the graphic does
not display but again, like texmaker or TeXShop, there is a blank space for

So any ideas? Is there some conflict with Mathematica eps that I'm unaware
of? Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks ahead of time,

Randy Scott
Santiago Canyon College

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