[OS X TeX] File size depends on the distiller?

Jung-Tsung Shen jushen at gmail.com
Wed May 28 19:34:50 EDT 2008

I was typesetting a one-page document for a conference. The document
consisted of three short paragraph in text, and two .eps figures which
each has a size of less than 0.3 MB.

Right after compiling, the console/log window indicated that the size
of the output file was about 0.6 MB. The submission of this one-page
document was rejected by the mail system of the conference for
exceeding the limit. A closer look at the file size (by various
methods) surprisingly showed a very different results: 9.6 MB. The
generated .dvi also had weird file size: 4 KB. The 9.6 MB PDF document
displayed smoothly on my memory-limited laptop which has difficulty
even for displaying a PDF of 3 MB.

I tried to figure out where it went wrong by randomly tweaking here
and there, but none of them worked. Finally when I changed the
distiller from "Apple Distiller" to "Ghostscript" (in TeXShop
preferences panel), the output file had a normal size of about 0.3 MB.

Is this behavior normal?

I appreciate any comments on this. Thanks.


The following is the preamble of the document:



\newcommand{\ie} {i.\,e.\xspace}


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