[OS X TeX] File size depends on the distiller?

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu May 29 07:49:00 EDT 2008

Am 29.05.2008 um 01:34 schrieb Jung-Tsung Shen:

> I tried to figure out where it went wrong by randomly tweaking here
> and there, but none of them worked. Finally when I changed the
> distiller from "Apple Distiller" to "Ghostscript" (in TeXShop
> preferences panel), the output file had a normal size of about 0.3 MB.

The "Apple Distiller" produces files with a resource fork. Finder  
does not show this fork, except you open the inspector (⌘-I).

One difference in the ways the "Apple Distiller" and Ghostscript work  
is the way they handle fonts. The "Apple Distiller" includes the  
fonts, Ghostscript only mentions in the file's header which fonts  
will be used. If the system which will be printing or displaying the  
document does not have them or is not set up to find them both will  
fail. Anyway, the information you gave does not allow to explain what  
you saw.

A very fine solution is to use pdfTeX, set it up to not download the  
standard PostScript fonts, and maybe also make it compress (almost ?)  
everything at maximum level, i.e.  with \pdfcompresslevel9 in your  
source or with compress_level 9 in pdftex.cfg. Non-standard fonts are  
only partially embedded, i.e. the less glyphs from this font you use,  
the less of this font is included into the PDF output file. If you  
want to live with latex you can compress the EPS file(s) and instruct  
dvips to work harder with -a, embed only used glyphs from PostScript  
fonts with -j, remove comments from PostScript file with -K, and use - 
Z to make it compress PK font files – even more?



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