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Le 6 sept. 08 à 18:48, Axel E. Retif a écrit :

> On  6 Sep, 2008, at 11:26, Eric DÉTREZ wrote:
>> Le 6 sept. 08 à 18:23, Axel E. Retif a écrit :
>>> Right. And googling for this issue, I found a lot of e-mails in  
>>> the ConTeXt mailing list ---it appears to be an unresolved  
>>> problem. There are many references to a texnansi-bh-lucida.map,  
>>> which I can't find anywhere.
>> It's built by the texfont script.
> I see. I have seen the mtexfont.pdf in the Pragma site,
> http://pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/mtexfont.pdf
> and it looks quite interesting..., for someone willing to sh

Doing a bit of "reverse engineering", namely inspecting type-buy.tex  
to see in which form ConTeXt is expecting to find the fonts, here's a  
hack to add Lucida support for ConTeXt. It's a hack, namely it's not  
necessarily identical to what you would obtain from texfont. For  
example I called a map file math-bh-lucida.map, but I've no idea  
whether ConTeXt is expecting a specific name for this map file.  
Similarly, I've used the metrics created by fontinst for LaTeX (such  
as hlhr8r.tfm); I'm not certain texfont would create exactly the same  

(1) Put the attached map files where your existing Lucida map files  
(lucida.map, lucidabr-o.map and lumath-o.map in my case) are located.  
I'll assume in the following you're using a system-wide install, so  
that this location is /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/fonts/map/dvips/ 
lucida. The adaptation to per-user setup is straightforward (remove  
sudo and sudo -H in the following, suppress the calls of mktexlsr,  
replace updmap-sys by updmap, and replace /usr/local/texlive/texmf- 
local by ~/Library/texmf).

Then run in Terminal:

sudo mktexlsr
sudo -H updmap-sys --nomkmap --enable Map texnansi-bh-lucida.map
sudo -H updmap-sys --nomkmap --enable Map ec-bh-lucida.map
sudo -H updmap-sys --nomkmap --enable Map 8r-bh-lucida.map
sudo -H updmap-sys --nomkmap --enable Map math-bh-lucida.map
sudo -H updmap-sys

(2) cd to the directory where your existing Lucida tfm files are  
located, namely /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/fonts/tfm/bh/lucida for  
a system-wide setup. Then run in Terminal (you can just paste all the  
lines in the Terminal window in one go, it will execute all the  
instructions in sequence):

sudo ln -s hlhr8y.tfm texnansi-lbr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhb8y.tfm texnansi-lbd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhbi8y.tfm texnansi-lbdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhri8y.tfm texnansi-lbi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhrc8y.tfm texnansi-lbrsc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhbc8y.tfm texnansi-lbdsc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhro8y.tfm texnansi-lbsl.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsr8y.tfm texnansi-lsr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsb8y.tfm texnansi-lsd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbi8y.tfm texnansi-lsdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsri8y.tfm texnansi-lsi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsu8y.tfm texnansi-lsb.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsui8y.tfm texnansi-lsbi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsrt8y.tfm texnansi-lstr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbt8y.tfm texnansi-lstb.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbot8y.tfm texnansi-lstbo.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsrot8y.tfm texnansi-lsto.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrie8y.tfm texnansi-lbc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrn8y.tfm texnansi-lbkr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrin8y.tfm texnansi-lbki.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcriw8y.tfm texnansi-lbh.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxr8y.tfm texnansi-lfr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxb8y.tfm texnansi-lfd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxbi8y.tfm texnansi-lfdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxri8y.tfm texnansi-lfi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhr8t.tfm ec-lbr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhb8t.tfm ec-lbd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhbi8t.tfm ec-lbdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhri8t.tfm ec-lbi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhrc8t.tfm ec-lbrsc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhbc8t.tfm ec-lbdsc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhro8t.tfm ec-lbsl.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsr8t.tfm ec-lsr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsb8t.tfm ec-lsd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbi8t.tfm ec-lsdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsri8t.tfm ec-lsi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsu8t.tfm ec-lsb.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsui8t.tfm ec-lsbi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsrt8t.tfm ec-lstr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbt8t.tfm ec-lstb.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbot8t.tfm ec-lstbo.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsrot8t.tfm ec-lsto.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrie8t.tfm ec-lbc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrn8t.tfm ec-lbkr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrin8t.tfm ec-lbki.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcriw8t.tfm ec-lbh.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxr8t.tfm ec-lfr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxb8t.tfm ec-lfd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxbi8t.tfm ec-lfdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxri8t.tfm ec-lfi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhr8r.tfm 8r-lbr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhb8r.tfm 8r-lbd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhbi8r.tfm 8r-lbdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhri8r.tfm 8r-lbi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhrc8r.tfm 8r-lbrsc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhbc8r.tfm 8r-lbdsc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlhro8r.tfm 8r-lbsl.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsr8r.tfm 8r-lsr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsb8r.tfm 8r-lsd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbi8r.tfm 8r-lsdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsri8r.tfm 8r-lsi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsu8r.tfm 8r-lsb.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsui8r.tfm 8r-lsbi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsrt8r.tfm 8r-lstr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbt8r.tfm 8r-lstb.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsbot8r.tfm 8r-lstbo.tfm
sudo ln -s hlsrot8r.tfm 8r-lsto.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrie8r.tfm 8r-lbc.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrn8r.tfm 8r-lbkr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrin8r.tfm 8r-lbki.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcriw8r.tfm 8r-lbh.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxr8r.tfm 8r-lfr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxb8r.tfm 8r-lfd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxbi8r.tfm 8r-lfdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlxri8r.tfm 8r-lfi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrima.tfm lbmo.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcra.tfm lbma.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrv.tfm lbme.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrm.tfm lbmr.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrim.tfm lbmi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcry.tfm lbms.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcrf8y.tfm lbl.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcdima.tfm lbmdo.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcda.tfm lbmad.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcdm.tfm lbmd.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcdim.tfm lbmdi.tfm
sudo ln -s hlcdy.tfm lbmsd.tfm
sudo mktexlsr

You're done! For me, after doing all that, your corrected example file  
processes fine:

Hello world.

and similarly when replacing texnansi in the second line by either ec  
or 8r.

It's possible there are typos in the attached files and in these  
instructions, I didn't double-check everything.


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