[OS X TeX] Using the install-tl script on Mac OS instead of the MacTeX.dmg

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Fri Sep 12 20:50:51 EDT 2008

On Fri 12th Sep, 2008 at 17:01, Arthur Ogawa seems to have written:

> I had installed TeX Live 2008 via the install-tl script last month, and I 
> would now like to install the remaining bits, like TeXShop, FlashMode, and 
> friends.
> The MacTeX website explains how to do things the other way around. Is there 
> information about approaching things the way I did? Is there a bill of 
> materials for the MacTeX.mpkg.zip that I can refer to?
See  http://www.tug.org/mactex/. There's a link to "What's in...".
There are also links to other/smaller packages and to the TeX Extras
package. The additions and/or extras may offer what you want.

*But* the MacTeX installer does things like set up symbolic links in
/Library/TeX so that you can easily switch distributions using the
preference pane. It also includes a package to install Perl/Tk if you
want to run the GUI version of tlmgr. And maybe a few other things.

I think you have to get Flashmode  separately.

Hopefully somebody will say if everything (or anything) I've just
claimed is false. At least if it is obviously so...

Incidentally, can somebody point me to the licence info for the
Flashmode stuff? I can't find it and wanted to add it to the wiki.

- cfr

> I may remark that I think the install-tl script is a good idea, because of 
> being less demanding of computing resources than the alternative: to download 
> a 1.2GB .zip file. So perhaps we might think of a different way of 
> proceeding, now that TeX Live 2008 is here.
> Arthur Ogawa

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