Peter Vamos P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Tue Sep 16 19:42:10 EDT 2008

At 19:23 +0200 15/9/08, Berend Hasselman wrote:

>>  0. Install AquaTerm from 
>I'm not sure about this step, since the Gnuplot.app seems to contain 
>Aquaterm and the framework.

Framework yes Aquaterm app no or if it is there I did not find it. I 
have just installed Gnuplot on two PPC Macs, tried without installing 
Aquaterm first but there was no viewer display, this gnuplot 
distribution sets Aquaterm by default. When I subsequently installed 
Aquaterm, gnuplot launched it and displayed the graph. So the 
installation as given in steps -1-8 in my previous note, which I did 
for my Intel Mac, work just fine for PPC Macs as well.


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