[OS X TeX] your wiki needs you?

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at mines-paristech.fr
Thu Sep 18 18:57:32 EDT 2008

Le 18 sept. 08 à 23:25, Alain Schremmer a écrit :

> On Sep 18, 2008, at 4:00 PM, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>> WYSIWYG looks easy but fine tuning sometimes is extremely difficult
>> especially with graphics and the results are far from perfect.
> Absolutely.
> In fact, the one great thing about LaTeX is that there is always a  
> package out there that will help you do exactly what you envision.
> But to oppose WYSIWYG and command line is a false dichotomy.

really, I used LaTeX because it talks maths and I have a nice text  
editor with nice LaTeX macros. I would not use it if I did not need  

My son learns DTP, he yells at Quark XPress because of all its bugs,  
but I do not dare dream of bringing to have a look at LaTeX. He is  
just beginning to appreciate Pages, which I also like.

I still have the Office 2004 demo, which I should have erased long  
ago. I keep refusing the EULA, that's how crappy I am :-).

And the "equation editors" yechh...

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