[OS X TeX] BBEdit integration scripts / interactive mode

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 29 05:05:18 EDT 2008

On 29 sep 2008, at 04:31, Richard Seguin wrote:

> I just discovered that for some reason I was running your old Run  
> pdflatex script and your old Shellscripts. So I installed the new  
> ones dated in August of this year and tried those after having  
> turned auto-refresh off in Skim. When I invoke Run pdflatex it  
> compiles non-stop as expected and the Skim window moves to the  
> foreground. But at this point nothing is updated in the Skim  
> display, even after a long while. Then when I click on BBEdit to  
> bring it to the foreground, Skim suddenly refreshes the display.

Oops, I forgot to upload the very most recent version. If your copy of  
the shell script does not have a "function previewUpdate" at the start  
of it, you have the old version, and Skim will not be instructed to  
update. If you already had that version, I need more information to  
diagnose the problem.

> I did discover though that if you insert \errorstopmode in the  
> source it then runs in that mode. It does have the problem of not  
> giving you any obvious feedback when the compile encounters an error.
> So, I'm back to running your old scripts with auto-reload turned on  
> in Skim and
> \errorstopmode
> \synctex=1
> as the first two lines of my source. This works very nicely for my  
> purposes, and I'm getting an obvious visual cue when the compile  
> encounters an error: Skim does not flash the "Reloading document"  
> message on the screen.

With the new copy it should act the same.


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