[OS X TeX] arraystretch in tabular?

Themis Matsoukas tmatsoukas at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 14:44:40 EDT 2009

On Aug 14, 2009, at 5:45 AM, Josep Maria Font wrote:

> El 13/08/2009, a les 20:51, Themis Matsoukas va escriure:
>> I use \renewcommand{\arraystretch}{2} to change the line spacing  
>> inside the math array environment. Is there a similar command that  
>> would work inside a tabular* or tabular environment?
> It's the same parameter. If you use it globally, both the arrays and  
> the tabulars will be affected  This may not be very convenient, but  
> the scope of the command obeys normal delimitation rules (groups,  
> environments, etc.). If you want to apply it only to a single array,  
> then you can use the command inside the math environment; but not  
> *inside* the arrray environment itself (nor inside the tabular one,  
> for that matter). Experiment and you will see.

I see - I was putting the command inside the tabular environment. If I  
place it after \begin{table} but before \begin{tabular} it works.



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