[OS X TeX] Long line in \description environment

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Sun Aug 23 12:33:40 EDT 2009

At 4:50 PM +0200 8/23/09, Manuel wrote:
>Good morning. I am working on a document with this [2 column] format:
>The solution poposed by Themis does work (see 
>Re: "line break within \item of \description"):
>\item[] \textbf{Asociación Castellano Leonesa de 
>Afectados de Retinosis Pigmentaria} Šfurther 
>item[] \textbf{Asociación de Padres de 
>Sordociegos de España (APASCIDE) Barcelona} 
>Šfurther informationŠ
>but since it is only one item which causes the 
>problem here, the different indentation stands 
>out and the second line looks even worse.

I'm not entirely sure what the problem is here. 
Is it that the fake item label that you create 
starts one space off?  If so, just make the label 

item[\hspace{-1em}] \textbf{Asociación de Padres 
de Sordociegos de España (APASCIDE) Barcelona} 
Šfurther informationŠ

If that's not the problem, then what do you mean by different indentation?


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