[OS X TeX] TeX on Snow Leopard

Peter Vamos P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Sun Aug 30 19:40:21 EDT 2009

At 20:56 +0100 30/8/09, Frank STENGEL wrote:

>Le 30 août 2009 à 21:06, Peter Vamos a écrit :
>  > I did notice
>  > one thing though: lots more  LaTeX commands were underlined in red 
>>  in the input file by the spellchecker than I remembered. [ TeXShop-> 
>>  Prefs-> Source check Spelling ticked, TeXShop->Edit Check spelling 
>>  while typing checked.] A comparison with Mac 3 on the same file 
>>  confirmed this. In fact most of the commands are now underlined 
>>  (exceptions: \begin \end \item ..). Mac 1 was running CoCoAspell 
>>  before SL but not Mac 2. The pref pane is still there and working on
>  > Mac 1 but CoCoAspell itself seems to be broken, checked in 
>>  TexEdit.Now both Macs 1 and 2 seems to be the same, unsatisfactory 
>>  state as far as TeX spellchecking is concerned. Can anyone else 
>>  confirm this and/or offer an explanation?
>Have you checked the following: In the "Language & Text" (system)
>preference pane, Text tab, do you have "Automatic by Language" 
>selected in the spelling popup? I discovered that changing it to a 
>specific language (something like "English (Aspell)" solves your issue.


You are right. This works! Thanks. This is new in 
SL. I did notice this tab on my Mac 2  but this 
machine  did not have CoCoAspell so changing it 
from "Automatic by Language" to British English 
had no effect. On the other hand on my Mac 1 
where I did have CoCoAspell, I did check 
CoCoAspell's pref pane but  not this new  System 
Pref and this had no effect either. So I 
concluded, wrongly, that CoCoAspell was broken. 
It works but you have to set it in _both_ its own 
_and_ in the System Preferences now. So to sum up:

If you want TeX/LaTeX sensitive spell checking in 
SL, _do_ install CoCoAspell, check its Pref pane: 
languages you want _and_ tick the TeX/LaTeX 
Now go to System preferences -> Language & Text 
in the popup under Automatic, the languages you 
selected in CoCoAspell's pref pane will now show 
up, e.g. English (Aspell). Choose this and this 
will now work.

Thanks again


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