[OS X TeX] Package incompatability?

Jim Reeds reeds at idaccr.org
Mon Jan 19 16:33:51 EST 2009

I am writing a book and (perhaps fooishly) agreed to supply camera
ready copy.  In the course of this I found that some packages I want to use
do not seem to be consistent with each other.

The following illustrates my problems.
On an OS 10.5.6 Intel, running the version 2008 Texlive from
the shell, as in

  pdflatex foo
  makeindex foo
  pdflatex foo

the second pdflatex run bombs.

---- file foo.tex ---

% crop/mparhack/makeidx don't play nicely together!
% but any pair of them does.




--- EOF ---

I love my crop marks, and I need my index.  The marginal notes (I have 
zillions of them) occasionally end in the wrong margin if I don't  use 
mparhack.  I know I can make the index in a separate run, with
crop marks but not marginal notes.  But why doesn't theabove stuff work?


Jim Reeds       reeds at idaccr.org        +1 609 279 6362

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