[OS X TeX] Re: asymptote

Sylvain CHAMBON chambon.sylvain at me.com
Thu Jan 29 16:59:08 EST 2009

> Maybe it helps to put as first line:
> 	%%!TEX TS-program=<your asy engine's file name>

it doesn't because '%' is not the caracter to comment a line with  
asymptote. so, if i put this in the first line of my asy file, i have  
a basic syntax error.

but, my problem seems to be a bug... if i try the engine with my file  
(open from texshop, not a double-clic), it doesn't work : i have no  
typeset button. NOW, if i copy the same code into a new file, the  
typeset button  steel available (and the cmd+T as well) and i can  
manage the compilation ! i write some lines, i save the file, typeset  
button is always here. BUT i close this new file, and open again :  
ARGGGG ! no typeset button again !!! it really seems to be a bug no ?


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