[OS X TeX] Re: asymptote

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Jan 29 19:28:45 EST 2009

Am 29.01.2009 um 22:59 schrieb Sylvain CHAMBON:

>> 	%%!TEX TS-program=<your asy engine's file name>
> it doesn't because '%' is not the caracter to comment a line with  
> asymptote.

So use asymptote's comment character (// ?) as first element on that  
line! (You could delete then one of the '%' characters.)

> but, my problem seems to be a bug... if i try the engine with my  
> file (open from texshop, not a double-clic), it doesn't work : i  
> have no typeset button. NOW, if i copy the same code into a new  
> file, the typeset button  steel available (and the cmd+T as well)  
> and i can manage the compilation ! i write some lines, i save the  
> file, typeset button is always here. BUT i close this new file, and  
> open again : ARGGGG ! no typeset button again !!! it really seems  
> to be a bug no ?

I wouldn't say it's a bug, it's just an overlooked file type. Could  
we can convince Richard Koch to add ASY files to the files supported  
by TeXShop.

In the meantime a workaround is possible:

   • rename your ASY(s) file to <file name>.asy.tex (the asy should  
remind *you* that's not a real TEX file),
   • extend your ASY engine a bit that it creates a hardlink <file  
name>.asy from the given <file name>.asy.tex file on which asy is  

	# visit the working place
	cd "$(dirname "$1")"
	# process the job file
	bname="$(basename "$1")"		# /path/to/file/name.asy.tex -> name.asy.tex
	aname="$(basename "$bname" .tex)"	# name.asy.tex -> name.asy
	ln "$bname" "$aname"			# create hardlink of name.asy.tex as name.asy
	asy -f pdf -noprc -render=0 "$aname"
	rm "$aname"				# remove name.asy hardlink for next try



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