[OS X TeX] tex4ht and biblatex

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Fri Jan 30 14:16:12 EST 2009

Peter Dyballa schrieb:
> Am 30.01.2009 um 03:40 schrieb <cfrees at imapmail.org>:
>> if anybody knows a way to completely
>> eliminate the need for Word when preparing a paper, say, for a
>> recipient who will accept no other format

Every conversion entails a loss of some data. If you need to deliver a
MS Word file you will have to produce it with MS Word because it is a
proprietary format.

> What about RTF?

There have been numerous versions of RTF around. Every version of MS
Office came with its own version of RTF. And just like with DOCX,
Microsoft did not keep to its own specifications. Apart from that, the
latex2rtf converter only provides rudimentary LaTeX support. AFAIR it
does not load external packages or only some of these.

> Or HTML – I think MS Word can import this.

Now, how do you prepare the HTML from LaTeX source? I gather that there
is a MS Word export option in tex4ht, but LaTeX to ODT to DOC with
tex4ht and OOo is a much better solution.

Another point, BTW, is the DOCX format. OOo can import DOCX only in
part, and it cannot export DOCX at all, so far. So if you have to
provide DOCX you will have to stick with MS Word from the beginning...

And the ODT format is slowly becoming a universal format for data
exchange. German Wikipedia (like German Wikibooks before) has just
introduced PDF and ODT export which makes it rather ease to convert any
Wikpedia text to LaTeX via Writer2LaTeX/OOo.


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