[OS X TeX] problem using new fonts

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jul 5 04:26:15 EDT 2009

Am 05.07.2009 um 06:14 schrieb Aryeh Weiss:

> However, even though I find culmus.map under texmf/dvips, I cannot  
> get this to work.
> Any ideas from this group would be much appreciated.

TeX needs to find that file (and it does not care if you can do it).  
On the command line 'kpsewhich culmus.map' should return the path to  
that file then.

This file is not a regular part of TeX Live or MacTeX. Once you've  
installed new TeX software into the your *system trees* you need to  
update the TeX "database" of files installed. This can be achieved by  
running on the command line:

	sudo -H texhash


	sudo -H mktexlsr

If the software was put into your private area, then no "database"  
needs an update.

To check whether everything is alright you should now run

	kpsewhich culmus.map

or use kpsewhich to find a different one of the installed files. When  
kpsewhich returns the path to the MAP file fragment you can now  
enable it:

	sudo -H updmap-sys --enable Map=culmus.map

and ivritex should work.



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