[OS X TeX] Initials - fonts

George Ghio gghi at bordernet.com.au
Tue Jul 14 12:17:50 EDT 2009

Hi Looks like I'm in the poop again, nothing new there.

The problem - I wish to use the Initials fonts in conjunction with  
Letterine  as per sample;

\lettrine[lines=2, lraise=0.2, findent=0.2em, nindent=0em] 
{\textfrak{W}}{e think of the} twentieth century as the beginning of a  
new period and the ending of the old, but this is really a paradox of  
statements. History cannot end, it can evolve or change directions but  
as long as man is on earth, history will exist. Admittedly, a social  
`epoch' was coming to an end and with it, a change in conventions,  
especially those referred to as ``artistic''.

I want to replace "\textfrak" with one of the initial fonts (as yet  
undecided). As far as I can tell I have the Initials package installed  
in all the right places.

textfrak works with "\usepackage{oldgerm} in the preamble after   

What is required to use initials? Nothing I have tried seems to work.

George L Ghio
Renegade Writing

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