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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Jul 15 04:41:35 EDT 2009

Am 15.07.2009 um 06:33 schrieb George Ghio:

> To date I have yet to find a simple guide for the use of TeX. All  
> the guides assume that one already knows what is being described.

The most easy "guide" is the texdoc command from the command line.  
'texdoc <something>' will open in a PDF, a PS, a HTML, or a text  
viewer documentation the author of a package has written. (Texdoc  
also allows to search or to list: 'texdoc --help') The simple README  
file then documents:

The files included in the distribution are:

         .pfb files:   PostScript Font Binary files;
         .afm files:   Adobe Font Metric files;
         .tfm files:   TeX Font Metric files, for LaTeX;
         .fd  files:   Font Description files, for LaTeX;
         config files: configuration files, for dvips;
         .map files:   font mapping files, for dvips;
         .tex files:   example files;
         .pdf files:   Portable Document Format output from the
                       above example files.

> Let us assume that the installer has placed all the files in  
> correct places. If I put - \usepackage{initials} - in the preamble  
> I get an error that says that - initials.sty - can't be found. So  
> is the - \usepackage{initials} - a correct command or are  -  
> initials - actually contained in a different package and the  
> command should be - \usepackage{???}.

There is no initials package file to be used – see above. All useful  
things there are is a set of TEX files in /usr/local/texlive/2008/ 
texmf-dist/doc/fonts/initials. So copy from one of these examples!



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