[OS X TeX] Word to Latex and Back again

Martin Wilhelm Leidig listwatch at moss.in-berlin.de
Wed Jul 15 10:24:25 EDT 2009

Am 2009-07-15 um 15.32 schrieb David Derbes:
> There are a pair of shareware programs that seem to work pretty  
> well, but I've only tried them in evaluation mode.
> http://www.chikrii.com/
> The programs are called "Word2TeX" and "TeX2Word".

Well, I use the first one on a regular base -- «writing engineer» and  
«Word user» are synonyms, it seems.  :-/

Word2TeX works fairly good but but has a few nasty bugs.  The most  
prominent one: from time to time it replaces single math characters by  
«\mathfrak{<anotherchar>}», where <anotherchar> has a quite loose  
connection to the input.

Another problem is the technical support: there’s none; at least they  
didn’t answer ever to my bug reports and questions.

Third problem, a major one imo: the user licence is dongled to the  
physical hardware by a machine key; so if you change the hardware you  
have to repay the license.  I asked them for another way when I moved  
my Windblows/Office/Chikrii Installation to a new computer but again:  
no answer, nothing.

In other words: better check out the programs by GrindEQ _and_ their  
licensing _and_ their tech support.  I’ll do the same asap.

… with regards from Ladenburg:

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