[OS X TeX] Re: [tex-live] Bug in MacTeX 2009?

Maxwell, Adam R adam.maxwell at pnl.gov
Wed Jul 15 17:29:44 EDT 2009

On 07/15/09 13:53, "Richard Koch" <koch at math.uoregon.edu> wrote:

> Adam and artemiog,
> I am corresponding with one other person with the same problem. I have
> been unable to duplicate the problem. The other person was running in
> an account without admin permission. So I tried the panel here in such
> an account, but it worked fine.

I've only tried on Intel systems so far, and my G5 either needs a new power
supply or a decent burial.  My primary account here is non-admin, and it
works fine.

Artemio, did you check the console log as I suggested to see if anything was
reported there?  Ignore the spew like

07/15/09 12:56:43 System Preferences[52875] TeXDist INFO: defaults at

but if this is architecture related, I'd think it would be logged.

I notice there's a ppc64 architecture in the prefpane.  I wonder if
stripping it out with `lipo -remove ppc64
/Library/PreferencePanes/TeXDistPrefPane.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/*` would
resolve the problem?

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