[OS X TeX] turn off syncing?

epicurus at forallx.net epicurus at forallx.net
Sat Jul 18 18:58:29 EDT 2009


Recently I had to trash my TeXShop preferences because they became corrupted.  I then opened TeXShop and recreated my old preference settings.

But now whenever I typeset, I get a synctex.gz file floating around.  Before I trashed the corrupt prefs, this didn't happen.  I do not want any syncing going on; I use an external editor, and just don't want or need syncing.  I looked in the TeXShop prefs to see if I forgot to click something.  I only see four choices: Pdfsync, Search, Both, Synctex.  

I tried clicking on Pdfsync, thinking that "hey, that won't produced a synctex file, and also won't produced a foo.pdfsync file *unless* I call it with \usepackage{pdfsync}".

Boy was I wrong; it TeXShop is still creating those blasted synctex.gz's.  It kept doing this even when I switched the prefs to "Search" and "Both".

Can someone please tell me how to turn this off?  I don't get those files when I call LaTeX from the terminal.

Thanks in advance,

- epicurus

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