[OS X TeX] Bibtex and Bibtex8

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Fri Jul 24 15:58:30 EDT 2009

At 8:44 PM +0200 7/24/09, Claus Gerhardt wrote:
>On Jul 24, 2009, at 19:27, Alan Munn wrote:
>>I'd like to use bibtex8 instead of bibtex for my default bibtexing 
>>(i.e. using command-shift-B).  I know I can make a separate engine 
>>to do the bibtexing, but is there a way to cause that engine to be 
>>used when the command-shift-B command is given in TexShop?
>>I tried just changing the bibtexc script in ~/Library/TeXShop/bin, 
>>but that didn't have any effect, so I assume that it is only called 
>>when the Claus G. macro "bibtexc" is called from the macros menu.
>These scripts and shell scripts of mine are old relics which are no 
>longer maintained - nowadays ~/Library/Flashmode/bin is my default 
>reference for my shell scripts.

Thanks Claus, for your suggestions.

I don't have Flashmode installed, so I don't have such a folder?  I 
don't really need its functionality, so I'd rather not install it.

>I suggest to modify the shell scripts and bibtexc to your liking 
>adding your preferred short-cut key to it.

I guess the problem is that there's no way to use command-shift-B (as 
opposed to some other short-cut) since that's built-in to TeXShop.  I 
was hoping to change the script that TeXShop actually uses, but that 
doesn't seem to be possible.  I guess I can relearn a new command key.

This is one of my pet peeves about TeXShop, which is otherwise 
fantastic: it doesn't seem to allow you to reassign anything to any 
key, since a lot of the good key combinations are fixed and used by 
TeXShop with no way (AFAIK) to reassign them.


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