[OS X TeX] All TeX files are locked!

David Watson dewatson at me.com
Wed Jul 29 20:52:18 EDT 2009

On Jul 29, 2009, at 7:39 PM, André Bellaïche wrote:

> Le 30 juil. 09 à 02:09, Maxwell, Adam R a écrit :
>> On 07/29/09 17:05, "David Watson" <dewatson at me.com> wrote:
>>> Perhaps someone opened "Get Info" for a certain folder, changed the
>>> permissions for "everyone" and then clicked on the gear at the  
>>> bottom of the
>>> window, and then selected "Apply to enclosed items".
>> Note that if you restore manually from a Time Machine backup, you  
>> also end
>> up with an ACL that prevents saving files, although you can open  
>> them.  You
>> can't get rid of it from the Finder, either.
> What is an ACL ?

Access Control List.
This provides "granularity" in deciding what permissions are allowed  
to files/folders, apart from POSIX permissions (don't ask).

>> It's odd that so many of those files/folders have world write
>> permission...that's a security problem.
> I know, but I wanted my wife and me having free access to all the  
> math and related files, which lie in a third directory (nor hers,  
> not mine).

Depending upon the location and permissions of that containing folder,  
you may not have permissions to change permissions!

You should try using "pico" to edit the files in Terminal.
It's fairly easy to use.
Just use the "control" key along with "O" to write out the file.
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