[OS X TeX] RE: New Editor.

Rose Charlie vonHellberg at Wispertel.net
Sun May 3 12:05:54 EDT 2009

On 2009.05.03, at 17:27:20, Alain Schremmer wrote:

> I teach mathematics and the volume of my email correspondence with  
> my students is slowly increasing. A huge stumbling block of course  
> is that it is near impossible to write mathematics in an email. What  
> the students often do is to scan a handwritten paper and attach it.
> It seems to me that a "featureless" LaTeX application that would  
> allow writing mathematics up to, say, calculus level out of the box  
> and nothing else, no bibliography, no table of contents, no index,  
> etc would find a "market" there. The pdf in the same window as the  
> source is what made me think of it. Particularly if using something  
> like Gerhardt's Flashmode.
> Maybe you could put out for free your initial, "featureless" version  
> to that effect and offer for sale the subsequent feature loaded  
> versions as TeXWriter Plus. Nowadays it is in fact an often-used  
> marketing approach.
> Regards
> --schremmer

There's a small, free program that might be adequate for your  
needs ... if you use a Mac. It's called LaTeXiT, and it can be  
downloaded at http://ktd.club.fr/programmation/latexit_en.php . I use  
it regularly when corresponding with colleagues. I type only the code  
for an equation into the data-entry window (no "equation" or  
"eqnarray" environments), click the "LaTeX it!" button, and Bingo!  
There's my final equation in the results-window. Then to the Menu bar  
where I choose Edit/Copy the image as/Default format (TIFF), and then  
paste it into the body of my email. Slick and easy!

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