[OS X TeX] script/engine to support upgrading the "~/Library/TeXShop"-directory

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Mon May 4 03:32:35 EDT 2009

Hallo -

if you are using TeXShop for a while, you are likely to have own files  
(engines, templates,...) and so on in "~/Library/TeXShop". TeXShop  
ships with its own version and from time to time, there are changes  
and additions. So you need to remove you own version of"~/Library/ 
TeXShop", restart TeXShop, and put all files back that you have edited  
on purpose in the newly created folder.

That's a bit complicated and I never know by heart which files that  
are and it takes me several day to merge the two. It is complicated to  
explain to new users that like to be up to date. See http://tug.org/pipermail/macostex-archives/2009-February/039458.html

I wrote a script that outputs a text file with a list of those files  
that are your personal amendments or with files that shipped with  
TeXShop but were edited by you. The script assumes that TeXShop is  
installed in /Applications/TeX/TeXShop.app

I think it is worth sharing it (but also needs more work):

Please try it only if you know what you are doing, know how to run a  
script etc. I think the script is not harmful but .... use it at your  
own risk. What I think could be better but I didn't find a way to do it:

* the output of the script (the file ~/Desktop/texshop-diff- 
script.txt) could be better. In my case, I would like to delete all  
occurences of /Users/daniel/myversion/, for example.
* In the end, the work needs to be done by hand. What would be great  
is to get a folder with the correct structure that contains only those  
files that need to moved back by hand. Essentially a folder with all  
files that are listed
* The script could also offer to copy those files into a newly created  
"~/Library/TeXShop". The user should be asked if he wants that.

Maybe someone with more knowledge in UNIX/awk/grep/regex feels like  
investing some time? Maybe this should be combined with applescript?  
Any comments are very welcome!



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