[OS X TeX] Parts of equations dragged from TeXShop

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Tue May 12 20:35:19 EDT 2009

Hi Herb and David,

On 13/05/2009, at 9:19 AM, Herbert Schulz wrote:

> On May 12, 2009, at 6:11 PM, david craig wrote:
>>> To repeat my question, trying to help you to understand your  
>>> problem: are you trying to copy a picture or are you trying to  
>>> copy a maths particle in a kind of text representation?
>> This is not a problem I've seen before, and naturally pops up  
>> while I'm on the road preparing a conference presentation.
>> I am creating equations for a presentation and/or figures.  Mac OS  
>> 10.5.6, TeXShop 2.26, LaTeXiT 1.16.1.  In TeXShop you can select  
>> an equation (or whatever) from the preview and drag it to the  
>> desktop or to your presentation, creating a small pdf.  In LaTeXiT  
>> you run your code and drag the resulting equation to the desktop  
>> or your presentation or whatever.

Beware, this "small PDF" is actually the whole page, with cropping
set to display just the portion you selected.
At least that is how it used to be, a few years back.
RK could confirm whether this has changed more recently.

With whole pages included this way, each with different subsets
of the fonts --- but perhaps using similar names for these subsets,
since they came from the same original PDF --- I'm not all that
surprised that there might be visible problems.

>> I HAVE installed the font-cache-bug fix.   (Several times, now...)
>> After not too terribly long a time, now, whether TeXShop or  
>> LaTeXiT, characters in the output (not just stuff I drag out of  
>> either) start disappearing (or sometimes replaced by exclamation  
>> points).  Tends to get worse the longer I wait before rebooting.   
>> Both in TeXShop's preview and/or LaTeXiT -- once it starts in one  
>> I start seeing it in the other.

What does it look like in Adobe Reader ?
... or in Keynote, or whatever viewer that you'll be using for
the presentation?

>> TeX is becoming unusable, which is catastrophic for me!

You could always try using screen captures of the equations.
View at 200% or larger and take a screen-shot (Apple-Shift-4)
of a rectangle enclosing the equation.
This will give you a .png with nice anti-aliasing.

A free graphics editor will let you crop these images to a
consistent size, with aligned baselines.

Sure this is a bit cumbersome, but it bypasses any font-related

>> I am at a loss what is triggering the problem, and why I am seeing  
>> it now (with a vengeance) but have never seen it before.  Not much  
>> has changed that I can think of.
>> Deleting the font caches/rebooting helps temporarily, but it comes  
>> back. SOMETHING related to font display in pdf's is corrupted,  
>> perhaps some cache that google hasn't told me about that isn't re- 
>> generated on reboot, or something I am doing is corrupting them anew.
>> I'm becoming a bit desperate.   I welcome suggestions!   (Re- 
>> installing TeXLive is not an option until I return home.    
>> Besides, I doubt that would resolve a corrupted cache problem, if  
>> that's what it is.)
>> David Craig
> Howdy,
> Can you give us a minimum, but complete, sample file that does this?

  ... and send screen-shots that display what you actually see, both
in the original LaTeX document, and after dragging an image.
Someone else may spot something that you have failed to describe.

> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz
> (herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

Hope this helps,


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