[OS X TeX] Parts of equations dragged from TeXShop

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Wed May 13 01:41:44 EDT 2009


As often happens, Ross gets to the crux of the matter. Below are your  
comments, his comments, and my take on them.

On May 12, 2009, at 5:35 PM, Ross Moore wrote:

> Beware, this "small PDF" is actually the whole page, with cropping
> set to display just the portion you selected.
> At least that is how it used to be, a few years back.
> RK could confirm whether this has changed more recently.

It changed when support for Leopard was added. The old code didn't  
work on Leopard. The current code works like this: an offscreen view  
is created and given an image consisting of the current pdf page. Then  
PDF data is created from a rectangle on this page using Apple's routine

	[myView dataWithPDFInsideRect: myRectangle]

Thus everything depends on what "dataWithPDFInsideRect" actually does.  
I don't know for sure, but I doubt very much that it takes the entire  
page's PDF and adds a bounds rectangle. I'll bet that it does "the  
right thing."

Next David wrote

>>> I HAVE installed the font-cache-bug fix.   (Several times, now...)
>>> After not too terribly long a time, now, whether TeXShop or  
>>> LaTeXiT, characters in the output (not just stuff I drag out of  
>>> either) start disappearing (or sometimes replaced by exclamation  
>>> points).  Tends to get worse the longer I wait before rebooting.   
>>> Both in TeXShop's preview and/or LaTeXiT -- once it starts in one  
>>> I start seeing it in the other.

It wouldn't be enough to install the bug fix. To be certain of no  
problems, all of those pdf documents used to construct the snippets  
would need to be retypeset. This will be easier in LaTeXiT since that  
program automatically saves the TeX code. I suspect that you have ONE  
(or at any case only a small number) of bad snippets.

Two keys points: "once it starts in one I start seeing it in the  
other" --- this is very characteristic of the font cache bug. Also  
"tends to get worse the longer I wait before rebooting" suggests that  
rebooting fixes the problem, another characteristic of the font cache  
> What does it look like in Adobe Reader ?
> ... or in Keynote, or whatever viewer that you'll be using for
> the presentation?

Testing with Adobe Reader would be particularly interesting since it  
doesn't use Apple's pdf display code and thus is immune to the bug. If  
your slides work in Adobe Reader, that might clinch the matter.

On the other hand, Keynote probably uses Apple's pdf display code, so  
once the bug rears its head I'd guess that Keynote will show the  

Dick Koch

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