[OS X TeX] i-installer gwTeX is uninstalled every time i log out

Alex Hamann mailinglist at alex-hamann.de
Wed May 13 04:04:22 EDT 2009

On 13.05.2009, at 08:13, Leston Buell wrote:

> Hello. I'm not very savvy about installing things on the Mac. I have
> successfully installed gwTeX (based on TeX Live) using the i- 
> installer.
> I can run it by simply using the command "latex" in an X11 terminal.
> However, everytime i log out, the installation disappears (or at least
> it seems so). When i open up an X11 terminal and type "latex", it  
> tells
> me that the command is not found. So, i go and do a new installation
> with the i-installer and it works fine again.
> How do i get out
> of this loop? I would like to install gwTeX once and have it remain
> forever. In case it is relevant, i do have administrator status on the
> machine in question. The OS is 10.5.6. I did not have this problem on
> another machine which i think used 10.4.
> Thanks in advance.
> Leston


you should not use X11 but terminal.app. Both are distinct programs  
on your Mac.
Also, note that gwTeX is somewhat deprecated not. While certainly  
still functional, it has been superseded by newer distributions and  
Gerben has stopped actively supporting his i-Installer. You will get  
a more up-to-date distribution if you install MacTeX. Installing it  
is very easy as it follows standard installation procedures on the Mac.
You'll find the download here:
You can first install both next to each other and choose the active  
distribution via a panel in your System Preferences. If you feel that  
everything is working you can then delete the gwTeX installation.
Again, both distributions will work but with MacTeX you get the  
benefit of updated packages and an overall more complete distribution  
with an easy installation procedure.


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