[OS X TeX] i-installer gwTeX is uninstalled every time i log out

Leston Buell dr.bulbul at yahoo.com
Wed May 13 03:13:48 EDT 2009

Hello. I'm not very savvy about installing things on the Mac. I have
successfully installed gwTeX (based on TeX Live) using the i-installer.
I can run it by simply using the command "latex" in an X11 terminal.
However, everytime i log out, the installation disappears (or at least
it seems so). When i open up an X11 terminal and type "latex", it tells
me that the command is not found. So, i go and do a new installation
with the i-installer and it works fine again.

How do i get out
of this loop? I would like to install gwTeX once and have it remain
forever. In case it is relevant, i do have administrator status on the
machine in question. The OS is 10.5.6. I did not have this problem on
another machine which i think used 10.4.

Thanks in advance.


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