[OS X TeX] ligature fi not appearing

Jason Davies ophiochos at gmail.com
Sun May 17 20:14:09 EDT 2009

Vincent Verfaille wrote on 13/5/09 at 03:01

>I had the same problem several times, and it took me some time 
>to understand where the problem came from.
>Here is an easy way to re-produce that problem (having a text 
>with ligature in the .tex file):
>1- create a .tex document containing charactes that require a 
>ligature (ex: finger, file, fflifi);
>2- generate the PDF using pdfLaTeX;
>3- in the PDf file, copy some text with ligature;
>4- past this text back into a.tex file with TeXshop.

the funny thing is, I could swear it never left BBEdit....! But 
perhaps something like this did indeed happen at some point -- I 
just forgot doing it.

thanks again.

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