[OS X TeX] Using new fonts in TeXShop

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Nov 4 05:07:20 EST 2009

Am 04.11.2009 um 07:10 schrieb The Trystero:

> When I try this in TeXShop however, all the font selections display  
> the same font that looks nothing like the ones in testfont.dvi --  
> something that like a typewriter font with random spaces between  
> the letters. What steps do I need to take to make it work in TeXShop?

What output format was chosen in TeXShop? DVI again?

This sounds as if either the (possible) conversion from DVI to PDF  
(TeXShop can only display PDF and needs to convert DVI or PS to PDF  
first) went wrong or that the direct creation of the non-DVI output  
failed. Both can happen due to incorrect MAP files – but this is  
rather unlikely since you certainly ran 'sudo updmap-sys ...'

So the fault can be that you are using an old and buggy version of  
the pdfTeX programme which interferes with the font caching mechanism  
in Mac OS X. Described here: http://www.tug.org/mactex/fix-font-cache- 
bug. You can update your TeX distribution with TLU from http:// 



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