[OS X TeX] PDF-window in TeXShop: buttons lost

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Thu Nov 26 06:17:58 EST 2009

> in the most recent TeXShop (2.28, came with MacTeX 2009), the PDF-window from time to time (but often, happens several times a day) looses all its buttons. I put a screenshot at 
> http://www.wiwi.uni-rostock.de/~wsf8545/images-static/tsbuttons.png

it happened again.

> The next time it happens try to click on the ``lozenge'' on the upper right corner of the window (this will remove the toolbar) and then click on it again (to open the toolbar again).

this didn't help, unfortunately. Simply quitting and restarting TS did also not help. I had to switch to "text only" and then quit/restart to restore the buttons....

In the console I find

26.11.09 09:04:37	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	Not the Finder!
26.11.09 10:15:20	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x1572f5f0 )SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_ExamineContext( 0x1572f5f0, 0x157f0964, 0xbffff226 )
26.11.09 10:15:20	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	Not the Finder!
26.11.09 11:23:55	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x1572f5f0 )SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_ExamineContext( 0x1572f5f0, 0x156cffc4, 0xbffff226 )
26.11.09 11:23:55	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	Not the Finder!
26.11.09 11:23:57	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x1572f5f0 )SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_ExamineContext( 0x1572f5f0, 0x15639b04, 0xbffff226 )
26.11.09 11:23:57	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	Not the Finder!
26.11.09 12:12:37	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x1572f5f0 )

Does that mean that the SimplyBurns-Plugin interferes with TeXShop???????

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