[OS X TeX] PDF-window in TeXShop: buttons lost

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Thu Nov 26 08:53:10 EST 2009

On Nov 26, 2009, at 5:17 AM, Daniel Becker wrote:

>> in the most recent TeXShop (2.28, came with MacTeX 2009), the PDF-window from time to time (but often, happens several times a day) looses all its buttons. I put a screenshot at 
>> http://www.wiwi.uni-rostock.de/~wsf8545/images-static/tsbuttons.png
> it happened again.
>> The next time it happens try to click on the ``lozenge'' on the upper right corner of the window (this will remove the toolbar) and then click on it again (to open the toolbar again).
> this didn't help, unfortunately. Simply quitting and restarting TS did also not help. I had to switch to "text only" and then quit/restart to restore the buttons....
> In the console I find
> 26.11.09 09:04:37	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	Not the Finder!
> 26.11.09 10:15:20	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x1572f5f0 )SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_ExamineContext( 0x1572f5f0, 0x157f0964, 0xbffff226 )
> 26.11.09 10:15:20	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	Not the Finder!
> 26.11.09 11:23:55	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x1572f5f0 )SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_ExamineContext( 0x1572f5f0, 0x156cffc4, 0xbffff226 )
> 26.11.09 11:23:55	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	Not the Finder!
> 26.11.09 11:23:57	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x1572f5f0 )SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_ExamineContext( 0x1572f5f0, 0x15639b04, 0xbffff226 )
> 26.11.09 11:23:57	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	Not the Finder!
> 26.11.09 12:12:37	[0x0-0x22022].TeXShop[343]	SimplyBurnsCMPlugIn_PostMenuCleanup( instance: 0x1572f5f0 )
> Does that mean that the SimplyBurns-Plugin interferes with TeXShop???????
> Daniel


At first glance that certainly seems to be that case. Where is this plugin located and what does it do? Try removing it and see if there is a problem.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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