[OS X TeX] Is There A Reason...

Louis Talman talmanl at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 03:21:20 EDT 2010

Is there a good reason why \chapter, \section, and \subsection don't handle the \( and \) delimiters properly, but do handle $...$ right?  Or is it a bug?  The following minimal example is from a book a colleague is writing, and we both wonder.  

The example appears to compile correctly, and even displays a page in TeXShop.  But a second compile fails, and there's a mess in the .toc file that seems to cause the failure.  The mess is put there by the first compile.  What's going on?

------------Cut here----------------




\chapter{$ 2 \times 2 $ }

\chapter{\( 3 \times 3 \) }  


------------Cut here----------------

--Lou Talman
  Department of Mathematical & Computer Sciences
  Metropolitan State College of Denver


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