Finding the Wiki (was: Re: [OS X TeX] Tex to rtf converter)

Gerrit Glabbart g.glabbart at
Thu Aug 5 13:38:39 EDT 2010

Am 05.08.2010 um 18:38 schrieb Adam R. Maxwell:

> There are a number of help vampires [1] here asking questions out of idle curiosity or without doing any homework.

Help vampires -- now that's a useful, if slightly unkind, term! (though as long as there are willing, er, suckees, I'm not sure how much of a problem these kinds of questions really are. List traffic is not /that/ high, is it? As long as nobody gets sucked dry, of course...)

> If links to the wiki/FAQ/documentation are posted, everyone will learn that there are more resources than just this list.

That's good advice, but wouldn't that be more work for the kind souls who provide the bulk of the answers here? It's my impression that people are more likely to respond to a question if they know the answer off the top of their heads, without having to look anything up.

>> -- The wiki is not even in the top three! How am I ever supposed to find /that/?
> "Blame-the-list-footer" comes up periodically here, but changing it has not been demonstrated to help (other than to silence people who ask for yet another link in it).

I know, sadly, and I tried to point that out (and it was not my intention to blame the list footer, sorry if it appeared that way). Still, I find it slightly odd (but not so much as to keep me up at night) that the top-most link of the four is the most generic, least specific to either the list or TeX on Mac OS X.

-- and now I'd better resume lurking...


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