[OS X TeX] pdfpages issue

Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Tue Aug 17 14:40:49 EDT 2010


I am using the "pdfpages" package (great package!) to integrate 6 pdf documents, totalling some 80 pages, in several layout combinations, and I am seeing a strange message in the Console:

pdfTeX warning: /usr/texbin/pdflatex (file blabla.pdf): PDF inclusion: 
found PDF version <1.6>, but at most version <1.4> allowed

Nevertheless, it works OK and does every trick I ask it to play.

I see this message 3 times in a row, for every one of the pages that are being included, be they with separate or the same \includepdf command, except for the 7 pages corresponding to the first such command! I am using TeXShop 2.36 and TeX Live 2009 complete. 

Is this to be expected ? Should I do something about it ?


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